Interim Management

Navigate Business Consulting can provide complex and effective business solutions in an interim management capacity, which is a more hands-on approach than business and management consultancy, and over a limited time span.

What areas do interim management assignments usually cover?

  • Change management: This is carried out in the best interests of your business and without being unnecessarily affected by internal politics.
  • Business transformation and turnaround: A fully hands-on approach to transforming your business or turning it around.
  • Management position “gap filler”: A senior manager may have left the business or is absent for an extended period of time, and you require temporary cover.
  • Business improvement: This spans a wide variety of business areas that require improvement or development, and where you need someone to actually perform the implementation.

What are the benefits of engaging Navigate Business Consulting to carry out an interim management assignment?

  • We are independent and objective: This means that we remain outside of company politics or culture and are therefore able to address issues from a more neutral, unbiased and honest perspective, especially when difficult and possibly unpopular decisions need to be taken.
  • Return on investment: We add value by using our skills and expertise to deliver goals and objectives that provide a meaningful return on investment, with no ongoing fees on project completion.
  • Accountability: Rather than taking on a purely advisory role, we take responsibility for managing the business or project.

So what would a typical interim management assignment with Navigate Business Consulting look like?

Similar to a consulting assignment, we would initially talk about your circumstances and current situation, so we can learn as much about your business as possible. In the next step, we would discuss your future plans, aims and requirements, and the scope of the proposed assignment. This helps us to diagnose and define the situation, as well as assess the available options.

On this basis, you would receive a proposal from us which clearly details the objectives, planning, responsibilities, and the applicable fees. We would carry out the implementation process in the most effective way, and ensure an orderly completion of the assignment, which involves relevant supporting information, documentation, and knowledge transfer.

If you are looking to develop or improve any aspect of your business, and require a complete, hands-on implementation, please get in touch with us to discuss your requirements.

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