Management Coaching

While management consulting focuses on improving the performance of an organisation, management coaching concentrates on improving an individual’s performance. Optimum individual performance is a prerequisite for optimum organisational performance.

Most people have heard of coaching in the field of competitive sport, where a coach is someone who helps an athlete to improve their performance. This is usually facilitated by a solution-focused, results-orientated and systematic process. The same one-to-one approach can help senior managers, who may be well-versed in their fundamental technical skills, but require development in other target areas. Senior managers must lead by example and require excellent leadership, communication, time- and self-management skills.

A coach will challenge the manager’s existing assumptions, behaviours and mindsets, with the aim of developing greater awareness and ultimately improving the individual’s ability to contribute to the organisation’s effectiveness. The coach will help with establishing goals, clearly defining and prioritising the measures required to achieve them, and providing support throughout in order to make adjustments as and when unexpected events occur. It is a more objective approach that managers can usually not do by themselves.

A coach also provides a confidential sounding-board for their client, which allows the manager to temporarily stand back from the workplace pressures and day-to-day tasks, and gain perspective for reaching crucial and complex decisions. This is particularly important at the top of the organisational hierarchy, where there are fewer colleagues to ask for support or with whom to discuss confidential information.

For many years, managers have used coaching as a highly effective form of support in the development of their skills and abilities. Coaching offers a rigorous, safe and confidential way for managers to overcome hurdles, improve their performance and achieve their aspirations.

At Navigate Business Consulting we are experienced in working not just with managers in an ideal world, but with managers that are immersed in their specific organisational context or dealing with business issues, and as such we are able to offer a well-rounded approach to coaching.

Whether you are just starting your business or are working in a senior position within an established organisation and wish to improve your personal effectiveness and performance, please get in touch with us to discuss your requirements.

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